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Single Cab Tray
Single Cab Tray


Our team noticed the increase in fuel economy immediately and are consistently achieving at least an extra 50km per tank with the WarpForge trays. The weight saving of the tray compared with a conventional steel tray also allows us to carry heavier loads safely and within vehicle load limits. The trays look great and are performing well with minimal wear evident. With the addition of the Digital Materials technology, the trays are certainly going to change the industry.

Trevor Byrne
Director, Altona
Greenworx is extremely excited about both trays that we have trialed. We are getting 70 Km more per tank and our servicing costs are down. We are looking forward to the truck trays for greater payload and greater savings.

Paul Blair, Dip. Hort.
Managing Director, Greenworx

Single Cab Tray

Our Heavy Duty tray has undergone ROPS standard testing in compliance with ISO 3471:2008.

    The drop-down sides are made of aluminium.

    Measurements for Standard:

    • Weight* – 131kg (aluminium sides)
    • Dimensions* - 1860W x 2560L

    Measurements for Heavy Duty:

    • Weight* – 181kg (aluminium sides)
    • Dimensions* - 1860W x 2560L

     * subject to change

    Fuel Consumption Test

    LTT Engine Drop Test

    LTT Wear and Tear Test